Simple Sunday Morning

After several weeks of being on the road with dog shows I just wasn’t ready to resume my usual Sunday morning routine.  So I decided it was time to have church-in-the park.  Bentley and I headed out to one of the most peaceful places in San Antonio – San Pedro Springs Park.

I love this place because of its rich history and for it’s beauty. When I’m here I can almost feel the “history vibes” of all the significant events that have taken place within this area.  In 1709 the first Europeans camped around the springs while on their way to visit the early Catholic Missions in East Texas and would return to establish the Mission San Antonio de Valero somewhere close to the springs (this would be the first location of the mission).  King Phillip V of Spain declared the area around the springs an ejido (public park) in 1729. To read more of the park’s history CLICK HERE

Even when the fence is around the pool and it is set up for summer swimming I find it enchanting.  It is the perfect place for a Sunday walk and to sit quietly for a while and reflect.  Sometimes I bring my Bible to read and sometimes I just sit and thank God for all my blessings.  It isn’t an organized church service, but to me it is worship.

I was surprised this morning to see water gushing from the top of the grotto.  I’ve never seen the water flowing here although I’ve read about it doing so in the past when there was still a flowing spring under it.  I was surprised and then I remembered that with the abundant spring rains that the water restrictions were lifted, so apparently the city is pumping water up through the grotto.  The fountains and water features can flow again!

I’m not sure if it was the rains or the return of the drought, but the Esperanzas (Tecoma sans) are profuse this year.  I had never noticed how many bushes are in the park, but with their bright yellow blossoms I didn’t miss them this time! This hardy plant is also known as Yellow Bells, but most people around here know them as Esperanzas.  I love the way that word flows off my tongue and, best of all, in Spanish it means “hope”.

The other amazing thing I saw was water standing in the openings of the springs at the head of the pool.  I’ve never seen water flow from these springs and didn’t expect to ever see it do so.  But this morning there was water standing in them.  Now I’m curious as to why this happened and if it was a result of the spring rains.  I love a mystery!

April 2014


Bentley enjoyed the morning walk and the squirrels in the park!  I was tempted to let him off leash, but thought better of it.  Sorry little guy!  He was content to smell around with his hound dog nose and then to sit on the little rock wall with me.  What a good little companion he is!

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