Gaslight-Baker Theater

This 1920's theater is still serving the community today as a live performance theater. It's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a part of the Caldwell Courthouse Historic District. Click here to read more about it's long history.

The Unexpected

  It was time for a long overdue day trip for this gal.  I left home with only one address queued in my phone, my destination was the Caldwell County Courthouse.  Other than that I had only ideas of what to do, no plan.  But so it usually is with me, the day will just … Continue reading The Unexpected

Happy 50th to the Tower

The Tower of the Americas isn't as old as some of the buildings in downtown San Antonio, but as a 50-year old landmark it does have an interesting past that deserves a blog post.   Hop over to Doorway Into the Past to read more.

Eleanor’s Faith

Both President Trump and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott have declared September 3, 2017 as a Day of Prayer following the destruction of the Texas Gulf Coast and Houston area after Hurricane Harvey last week.  There has been much praying already for these areas and I am hopeful that this Day of Prayer will remind people … Continue reading Eleanor’s Faith

Clear water

Last week I took a day trip to the Texas coast. I've been wanting to go forever and this was the time.  As it turned out it was the perfect time as the temperature was moderate, wind was gentle, the water was very warm and crystal clear.  It's been over 30 years since I've seen … Continue reading Clear water

Where is this?

Where is this doorway and what does it lead to?  I will tell you that from 1950 until 1989 it was covered over in the name of "modernization".  Curious?  Of course, so hop on over to Doorway Into the Past and find out the answers to these questions and much more!