Fiesta Flowers

Did you make tissue paper flowers when you were young? I'm not sure if I did or not. I seem to remember the accordion folding part, but nothing else. Maybe I did, but there have been "many moons" since I was young and I don't remember! I've wanted to make these for a long time … Continue reading Fiesta Flowers

Wednesday 08.31.2016

The U.S. Capitol replicated in.....Legos! It's part of the Lego Americana Roadshow that's touring the U.S. along with other landmarks.  The Capitol was built in 1,700 hours by 8 master builders! It measures 25 feet 7 inches long and is about 10 feet tall and it's amazing!  

Made of what?

If you read  my Doorway Into the Past blog then you know about the McNay Museum of Art that I featured there.  Marion Koogler McNay bequeathed her Spanish Colonial-Revival home and surrounding 23 acres to be preserved as a museum of modern art.  Her collection of 700 pieces of European and Southwestern art pieces formed the core … Continue reading Made of what?