Little Free Library: Oh, look there’s one

New Braunfels Presbyterian Church, New Braunfels Texas

This Little Free Library really did blend in with the leafless trees, the grey sky, and the brick of the church. But it caught my eye and I had the quick thought, “Is it one? It is! It is, circle through the parking lot and come back”. I love the surprise of finding these little treasures! Maybe that’s why I always forget to check the app on my phone when I’m traveling around – it’s just fun to let them surprise me!

The glass was broken, but the library was fairly well stocked. I’m not sure what was in the tackle box because I didn’t think to open it. The bench was a nice touch and I’m sure that in the summer when the trees are full of shade giving leaves it is a nice place to stop and read for a while.

5 thoughts on “Little Free Library: Oh, look there’s one

  1. I love these! I recently found one just one block over on a street we hardly walk down. I took a book and left a good one later (The Secret Daughter.) I love the bench by it, too! Now, I am really wondering what is in that bright orange tackle box. Can you go back? 🙂

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  2. Love the rustic wood of this one, and that tackle box definitely catches one’s eye. My guess is pencils or some type of information sheet, or even a coloring sheet for children. I have not been to New Braunfels in well over 20 years, but I was there a lot in the years before! It is such an interesting place.

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    1. I lived there from 1979-1984. It was just coming into the modern world, but was growing with people coming from the bigger cities. It’s still a nice place to live and visit.

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