Thursday: Then & Now Gonzales Texas

1939, photo by Russell Lee
5 January 2022

These buildings are on St. George Street, facing Confederate Square and the Gonzales County Courthouse. They were built during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in styles typical of that time, reflecting the economic prosperity that came to many small towns with the arrival of the railroad.

Today they are well preserved and are part of the Gonzales Commercial Historic District which encompasses 15 blocks and includes 155 properties, 96 of which are considered to be contributing structures. Seven public squares, laid out in 1832, are also included.

Not much has changed, has it? The only difference I see is the roofline of the former JC Penney building has been altered.

If the town of Gonzales, Texas has a familiar ring to it, then you’ve probably heard the slogan, “Come and Take It” and story of its origins. This mural on the side of a building sums up what happened, but it is a simplified version of the events that led up to the Texians decision to stand firm and keep their cannon. I seem to think there were actually two cannons, but may not remember correctly. Just to note, I use this phase frequently.

5 thoughts on “Thursday: Then & Now Gonzales Texas

  1. Good catch on that altered roof line, Beth! I was marveling at how it had not changed and did not even notice that little detail. It looks like they just capped the parapet with concrete, perhaps due to some damage. At least they did not put a metal facade over it!

    I have a faint memory of going through or past Gonzales, but no recollection of ever visiting there. Got more pictures of your trip?

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