In the Image of San Jose

What do WPA markers, National Register of Historic Places markers, and Little Free Libraries have in common?

Answer: They all delight in surprising me with their appearance when I least expect it.

This Little Free Library was sitting just outside the Visitor Center at Mission San Jose when I visited last week. Walking out of the Ladies restroom it was straight in front of me and yes, I walked straight over to it in a state of absolute joy and profound delight! A Little Free Library just waiting for me!

The identifying tag on the Library indicated that it was placed by Girl Scout Troop 300 and I was sure that it was a recent addition to the Park as I had last visited San Jose in late July and am sure it was not there at that time.

Sadly, when I opened the door to browse its contents I was disappointed to see only one small childrens paperback book inside. I closed the door, remorseful that I didn’t have any books in the car to donate.

The door had remarkable detailing that closely resembled the Rose Window on the mission’s chapel. Someone had spent time creating the replica and the Library was painted in a color that blended perfectly with the surroundings. But, it was empty and that concerned me.

The Mission’s famous Rose Window. Many legends surround this detailed window as to its creator and its name.

When I got home I contacted the local Girl Scout Council. Many years ago I was a leader and served in many ways, very involved with the Council, and knew that Troops were always looking for service projects. If this Little Free Library was no longer being tended by the Troop that established it, then I knew it was a perfect project. Several days later I was thrilled when the Council contacted me: Troop 300 was still tending the Library and were in the process of re-stocking it! Good news, right? Next visit I will be leaving some books, maybe even purchasing one in the Visitor Center’s excellent Park Store!

Want to find a Little Free Library near you? Click here:

Don’t you agree the Little Free Library blends perfectly with the Mission’s Chapel?

5 thoughts on “In the Image of San Jose

  1. Oh, I love those free little libraries, too. Sometimes we see them at campgrounds. I am going to start keeping a small stash of books in the camper, so we can help “restock” any we happen to see. I’ve had that thought before but haven’t turned it in to action yet. But you inspire me to be ready when camping starts again – in 5 months. Don’t worry; I won’t forget. Good for you for contacting the Girl Scouts! We also have two in our neighborhood, and we take and stock those.

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    1. For a while I had books and a few magazines in my car, now I will always have books in there. I often pick books up at the thrift store for a $1 and will remember to buy some extras to add to the FLL’s!

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