The Two Little Elephants

Kandy and Dandy, 2021

Four years ago in June 2017, I wrote about the The Little Elephant – Small Simple Things of Life and its missing companion. Well, I’m happy to say that the missing elephant was in restoration and is now joining his sister in front of the Witte Museum’s B. Naylor Morton Research Center! Welcome Doodle Dandy!

Doodle Dandy, 2021

Doodle Dandy and Cinnamon Kandy were two of five elephants cast by Julian Sandoval sometime in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Cinnamon was owned by Harry Hertzberg and occupied a place in his yard until his death in 1940. The little elephant then moved, along with Mr. Hertzberg’s extensive collection of circus memorabilia, to the old San Antonio Public Library building. When the Library moved to a new location the building became home to the Hertzberg Circus Museum.

Kandy on display in front of the Hertzberg Circus Museum, photo credit: My San Antonio

Kandy stood outside the building, welcoming visitors to the Museum and delighting passers by, myself included.

Cinnamon Kandy, 2021

Dandy had been a present from Mr. Juaquin R. Abrego to his wife; their family donated the elephant to the museum after both of them passed away. Until the museum closed in 2001, Kandy and Dandy flanked the steps up into the museum, continuing to charm visitors and invite photo sessions.

Upon the museum’s closure, the collection was moved to the Witte Museum where it is now preserved and is available for research and viewing. The Bolner family under wrote the restoration of both elephants and also gave Kandy and Dandy their new names.

Kandy went on display in front of the Museum in 2006, but Dandy took a little longer as he was in serious condition and crumbling. He had a lot of damage and needed a new base. His tusks and part of his trunk had broken off, but the decision was made not to replace them, just to smooth them off.

During remodeling of the Witte, Kandy was temporarily moved to a side street before taking her position in front of the research center. Dandy, looking fresh and revived, joined her in early 2021. They both look ready to proudly march right into the circus wearing their bright jackets and head adornments!

Kandy in her temporary location

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