The Triple Trifecta Book Hunt

I felt like I had just pulled off the biggest heist ever and it wasn’t a jewelry or bank heist.  It was a book heist, a real steal with 6 books for $7+tax.  My kind of steal and it included two books I had been looking for and a surprise inside one of them!

I hadn’t been to my favorite thrift store in a while, partly due to the increase in COVID cases, plus I had convinced myself that I did not have display or storage space for any more treasures.  Truthfully, I used that as an excuse to keep myself safely at home!  Finally, I knew I needed to go when I saw their announcement that this week was their annual vintage book, magazine, and record sale. I always enjoy perusing their offerings and I knew I needed the thrill of the hunt.

I was pleased to find a whole tub of biography of the British Royal family included in the sale.; biography is my favorite genre and the Royal family is a favorite to read about. Majesty, by Robert Lacey, was one of the books in the tub.  I had enjoyed both of his companion books for the Netflix series, The Crown, and I had added this book to my to-read list.  I was surprised to find it and even more surprised when I opened it to start reading last night and found that it was an autographed copy!

The dust jacket was a little worn around the edges, but for a book published in 1977 it was in good condition – and autographed to boot! When I found a cookbook I had been looking for, I knew I had hit the triple trifecta of treasure hunting! What a heist – my kind of heist!

4 thoughts on “The Triple Trifecta Book Hunt

  1. What a great day for you! Congrats! I do miss bookfairs and thrift shopping. I don’t really need anything, but I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Plus, sometimes you find something really great!

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    1. I’ve read several books about them (mostly about her) and it is a wild story with many different versions! A real glimpse into the other side of the royal family. The story of their involvement with Hitler is certainly one to be explored.

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