The National Day of the Cat

Because today is National Day of the Cat (or something like that) I had to post at least one cat picture. This is Lacey. She is about 13 years old now, but she came to me as a young, teenage mother with her two kittens.
She showed up one morning with another neighborhood cat that I fed twice a day. That evening she appeared again and, again, I fed them both. Later, I was sitting outside and she was letting me pet her and rolled over on her back for a belly rub. What a friendly little kitty she was!
But when she rolled over I realized that she was a mama-kitty. So I immediately got up and gave her an extra ration of food. Poor thing, I don’t know how she ever carried those two babies and then was able to feed them. But she did.
Two nights later as I was watering plants, I found them on the front porch. Two silver tabbies in a corner of the porch that looked on first glance like a pile of bird feathers (eeeeewwww). They spent the night there, but moved into my garage the next day. They were beautiful and so much fun to watch.
I found homes for the babies, named her Lacey, and had her spayed. She has slept in my garage ever since, now aging gracefully much to my woe. I’m glad she showed up and decided to raise her babies here; she’s my National Day of the Cat nominee.
And, yes she is on the roof in this picture. When she was young she did the funniest, craziest things. Perhaps that is why I love her so much!


3 thoughts on “The National Day of the Cat

  1. What a sweet kitty and how very sweet of you to take such good care of her for so long. I know cats have a snobby reputation, but our cat is very affectionate, too! Enjoy your day and your cat!

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