Thursday Then and Now: The Texas Theater

Texas Theatre 1960
picture source is unknown, copied from Internet June 3, 2020

The Texas Theater was considered one of San Antonio’s finest movie theaters when it opened on December 26, 1926. It was a popular theater and enjoyed success until the great movie houses downtown, and downtown in general, felt the downward spiral of neglect as the City grew out into the suburbs.  The last show was in 1970 and the theater was closed.

It was razed in 1983, just as an interest in preserving many of the historic buildings along Houston Street began to take root.  However, through preservation efforts, the façade of the building would be retained and incorporated in the high-rise office building built behind it.  Republic Bank sponsored the facade’s restoration.

One story that I read stated that the vertical marquee had crumbled when removed from the building and was unable to be restored. Still, at least we have this much to remind us of the former beauty of this building.

photograph taken May 29, 2020
photograph taken May 29, 2020

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