Teacups, saucers, and other china – oh my!

One of the problems associated with returning to an inactive activity is deciding where to start.  I have many things I want to share, new ideas and things I’ve experienced since left off blogging.  However, fellow blogger, Suzassippi, also recently returned to blogging and was inspired to share a series featuring various teas she enjoys and some of her collected tea cups. We’ve followed each other’s blogs since almost the beginning of time and share many interests.  Thank you, Suzassippi, for inspiring me to re-start this blog and giving me a starting point with your tea cups!

Noritake Silver Cove, 1986-1999

I’ve posted about my love of china, pottery, flatware, and crystal before, but I’m going to post again and again and again about my love of a beautifully set table.  This blog is a place where I share thoughts and things that I love, things that bring me contentment, the things that I want to surround myself with in my everyday life.

                “What you surround yourself with should bring you peace of mind and peace of                      spirit.” (Stacy London)

It’s been a while since I’ve set the table for a formal meal, but I don’t need the meal.  I need the place settings, centerpiece, and linens – no food necessary.  I also need to collect these items and collect I do! Thrift stores, resale stores, flea markets, anywhere there are used items there will be china and pottery.  Sometimes whole sets like the Noritake Silver Cove I scored two years ago, but usually just a cup and saucer or a few pieces of a pattern. It has to be the thrill of the hunt and this is my way of hunting!

Noritake Silver Cove, 1986-1999

I know this love began in my childhood while I played with my Mother’s beloved Blue Willow tea set.  Times were hard, it was the Great Depression, and my grandparents both worked hard and yet had little extra money.  I’m not sure the origins of this tea set.  Perhaps one of my grandparents bartered for it as they often did to acquire things they couldn’t afford to buy with money.  Perhaps one of my Mother’s doting, childless aunts and uncles bought this set for her.  At any rate, it was a contributing factor to my love of Blue Willow pottery.


To my Mother’s irritation I broke several pieces.  I guess no one thought to put me in the floor with a towel underneath my play area as I played, but the floor took a toll.  When we cleaned out my parents’ home I brought the remains of the set home to treasure.


I have used Blue Willow every day for at least 20 years. I bought my original pieces as part of a grocery store promotion where you got stamps with each purchase.  I had saved enough to buy quite a few pieces, but apparently the promotion wasn’t as popular with every one else.  After a few weeks they put everything up for sale at ridiculously low prices.  I scooped up the tea pot and several extra place settings with lightening speed.

So, that was how this love of all things for setting a table began…but there’s more and I’m going to share it with you!




5 thoughts on “Teacups, saucers, and other china – oh my!

  1. Oh wow, yes! I love my Blue Willow that has been part of my life as long as I can remember. My grandmother had a few pieces left over from before the Allen factory in England was bombed during WWII, so those are on my wall. I inherited her full set of Blue Willow and use it as much as possible for family gatherings, etc.

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  2. Am having trouble with my gravatar working on some blogs. I love your post and I have always loved tea cups and saucers. My aunt had a beautiful collection of tea pots. She sold them before she passed away. I am glad you managed to acquire what was left of your grandmother’s blue china dishes. Peggy

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  3. I loved this, Beth! The Silver Cove is beautiful, and I can see why you went for it! Back in Texas, I would often buy sets of dishes, and vary them, but I had a lot more storage then, as well as a lot more company that involved eating meals. The Blue Willow set is beautiful, too. I have no recollection of any family or friends ever having Blue Willow, although I thought it was lovely myself. Looking forward to more dishes!

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