And suddenly – it’s spring



A sure sign of spring is the blooms of Mountain Laurel on the scrappy little tree in my front yard.  After a month or so of grey, drizzzly days this morning the sun rose in a cloudless sky.  What a welcome relief just to have a sunny day.  The temperature rose up into the 60’s and everyone was outside like it was summer time!  To be truthful, we probably aren’t done with winter but we are keeping an outlook for what passes to be spring deep in the heart of Texas.

Time is funny, isn’t it.  Seems like I just put the pumpkin on the porch and now here I am cleaning out the herb bed and gathering the pesky oak leaves.

4 thoughts on “And suddenly – it’s spring

  1. Beautiful flower. Spring has tried to come to Arkansas, but it is defeated by winter over and over.
    A very nice post my friend.


    1. Well looks like ole man winter is sticking around here, too – we have freeze warnings for Sunday and Monday nights! Covering the plants again.


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