September Rains and the Aquifer


Since Labor Day the San Antonio area has had almost 17 inches of rain; we’ve set a record for September rainfall and with more rain in the forecast this may be the wettest month ever for us.  Everything is green and blooming profusely! While the rain is an inconvenience no one complains, ever. We take it thankfully when it falls.

An added benefit is that the Edwards Underground Aquifer has risen over 30 feet at the test well and the local springs are flowing again.

Yesterday evening I checked on the Blue Hole (the original headwaters of the San Antonio River) and yes, there’s water flowing from the spring! However, it wasn’t its usual blue color possibly from mud that had collected in the basin prior to the spring’s activity. Still, it is fun to watch this crystal clear water flowing downstream to join the current SA River.

Spanish explorers and priests reported this area as being sprinkled with many springs, some of which rose up many feet into the area before releasing their water to flow downstream.  They described the area as being an oasis and very beautiful with all the vegetation and trees.


The San Pedro Springs are also flowing very nicely and the water is very clear. I noticed water in one of the lesser springs in the park, too.  The springs in this area attracted the Native Americans before the Spanish explorers came to the area.  Somewhere around the San Pedro Springs the city of San Antonio was established in 1718 – 300 years ago.

Springs flowing – September 18, 2018


Normal appearance of Springs – April 26, 2014



2 thoughts on “September Rains and the Aquifer

  1. It’s wonderful to hear that the recent rains have raised the level of the aquifer. It’s really interesting to see the photos of the springs both with and without water.


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