The Hat of Intrigue


This hat is absolutely stunning, the pictures just don’t do it justice! The first time I saw it I marveled at the color and this beautiful bow/flower/feather arrangement on the back and the delicate beaded trim.  But it was the underneath that really caught me by surprise.


The pleats on the under side of the brim are the finishing touch of a custom made hat. The workmanship is incredible on the entire hat.  Sadly, it does appear to have some slight signs of wear.  Although that is what intrigues me – why would a hat this well made and incredibly stunning have been worn so much?


My thoughts are that it was custom made to match an outfit.  Can’t you just see it paired with a matching outfit and dyed to match shoes? Which makes me think it was for a wedding, but would it have been for a bride, mother-of-the-bride, or an attendant? And, the myster of the gentle wear of it leaves me clueless. For now I have to wonder and day dream a little about the woman who wore this elegant hat.  Perhaps some day a short story will come to me about her.

5 thoughts on “The Hat of Intrigue

  1. To me, it looks like a church hat, which could explain the wear. It would have been worn for more than a special occasion in that case. My 80 year old auntie still wears hats like this to church, and it is quite common among African American women in Mississippi–usually in colors to match their Sunday suits. I see them after church at the grocery store or out to eat–very stylish!

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    1. A good thought. I also wear hats to church (although not as ornate) and to lots of other places. I never thought about it being a church hat. And I’ve passed the African American churches locally on Sunday afternoon and seen the women coming out in their beautiful suits and hats! So now my story of intrigue will revolve around a church. 🙂

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  2. This is a beautiful hat. It looks like something the Queen of England would wear. The person who made this hat did a fantastic job. Interesting indeed.

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  3. Like Suzassippi, I also think that it looks like a church hat. Perhaps the hat’s owner was the mother of the bride, then wore the outfit to church multiple times after the wedding.

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