(of weather or a period of time) characterized by strong winds.
“a gusty, blustery day”

Blustery. The word has been stuck in my mind all day and I really like it. It isn’t a commonly used word, but that’s how the National Weather Service is describing the next 2 days. Blustery.

We’ve had the most unusual winter so far. In the fall the long range forecast was for La Nina to be the influence with warmer than normal and dry conditions. I was okay with the warmer but not the dry. Well, that fell apart in December with the first cold front and snowfall.  Totally unexpected, but what fun to watch the large flakes coming down and quickly covering everything with a white blanket that remained until the next morning.


So now we’re looking at blustery with a winter-mix for the next 2 days. Preparations are being made to keep the roads open and schools have already announced closures. I’ve made taco soup today and have everything to make a batch of broccolli cheese soup tomorrow; I’m in good shape and may even make a chess pie for a little indulgence. So for tonight there was nothing to do except enjoy the chimenea and a beverage while thinking about the blustery arrival around midnight!


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