Adventure day

One day last week I had a long-promised adventure day which didn’t turn out quite like I had planned.  But it’s always okay because that’s what adventure is all about, right?

For $2.75 you can buy a one-day bus pass in the city where I live and ride any bus anywhere all day.  Not a bad deal! I had planned to ride much more, but ended up walking just as much as riding.  Truthfully, the walking came about because I just wan’t patient enough to wait for the next bus that I wanted to catch! Still, not a bad thing as I saw many things that way, too.

My travels took me to familiar places and some new places, too.  And, yes there will be some blog posts coming up real soon.  Probably another adventure day, too!  Enjoy the slide show!

3 thoughts on “Adventure day

  1. Loved your slide show Beth. When I joined the Air Force way back there – I did my basic training in San Antonio, Texas. It is a lovely town. After basic training my friends and I explored the town – which was wonderful. Got to see the famous Alamo, some parks, and other landmarks. Great post Beth.

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