Mimosa Time (not the drink!)


My poor, very crowded mimosa tree is loading up with blooms.  Early morning, through the day, and in the evening they fill the air with a gentle scent that is fragrant and very soothing without being over powering like honeysuckle. I enjoy the delicate blossoms way up on the tree, but they do make a mess when they fall.  I just wish I had a way to capture the scent and bring it inside so it would last until next year.

5 thoughts on “Mimosa Time (not the drink!)

  1. The mimosa trees are always beautiful and smell so good. We have many in our area and I always enjoy their beauty. Nice picture Beth.

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  2. I always thought they were beautiful…until our neighbor’s Mimosa bloomed the first year we bought our house with a pool. Keeping Mimosa blooms out of the pool was a thankless job.

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