Winter’s bareness


The calendar says we have about another month before spring officially arrives, but the weather forecast for tomorrow says 90 degrees! We’ve had a very warm winter with a freeze in December and a very cold weekend in January that threw the temperatures down into the teens.  Then it warmed up.

It still looks like winter despite the warm days, but that will be slipping away soon.  The red bud trees burst forth about a week ago and the bluebonnets are slowly popping up, too.


I’ve enjoyed the bare trees and monochromatic landscape this winter, delighting in the patterns of the branches and the views not seen in warmer months. The earth is sleeping, waiting for that one perfect afternoon when the sun’s warmth reaches it and nudges it to yawn, stretch, and wake up once again.

One thought on “Winter’s bareness

  1. The geese seem to think Spring is here. They have been flying North for the last 2 weeks. The redbuds are also blooming in Arkansas. I also love the bare branches of trees in the winter. Happy day. Love your photos


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