Wednesday 07.06.2016


Zinnias are high on my favorite flower list.  They are very hardy, tolerating sun and heat, and don’t depend on daily water. They resist bugs and will bloom steadily.  Plus, check out those colors!  They are just downright cheerful, aren’t they?

My grandmother had a yard full of flowers, although not like she did in the years my mother was growing up.  Still there were always flowers to cut and bring into the house to make fresh arrangements or bouquets as she called them.  A line of zinnias extended from the clothesline along the road to the barn; they were always a good addition to any bouquet since they stood upright in the vase and would last far longer than the other flowers. In honor of that line of zinnias I planted a small line in my little herb garden to remind me of pleasures past and joyful moments to come.

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