The Capitol of Art Deco

I have always favored Craftsman style homes with Queen Anne slightly behind.  This came after I got over the “antebellum” stage of life.  But now my love of all things historic has also expanded.  I have decided that my current love is…..Art Deco.

Back in January while visiting my sister in Houston we drove through a very Art Deco neighborhood.  There was a Starbucks in the AD style as well as a specialty grocery store that had taken over an AD theater.  Other buildings had my mind whirling, but I had to forcefully stop myself from exclaiming over them or the other occupants of the car would probably have kicked me out.  I will return by myself to enjoy these treasures!

Weekend before last I took Bentley to Fort Worth for a dog show.  It was a big show with back-to-back specialties on Friday.  Let’s just say that his ring performance wasn’t stunning, but I enjoyed myself.  But what really topped off the trip was the discovery that Fort Worth is the capitol of Art Deco!  Little did I know!

I had not been to Fort Worth in 30 years.  I realized very quickly that it is the exact opposite of Dallas.  Fort Worth is laid back, easy going, and it seems to say “hey ya’ll”  in a slow relaxed drawl.

 I saw so many buildings that called to me, so Fort Worth hold on.  I’ll be back for more!

5 thoughts on “The Capitol of Art Deco

  1. I have always loved Fort Worth. If I had to pick a city in Texas in which to live, it would probably be there. And so true–there are so many great buildings there, so thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Love well designed, unusual, old, new, and beautiful buildings. Thanks for sharing these photos with everyone. This is a very nice post. Love the first photo, such a beautiful building. I have been all over Texas and there are some great things to see in that state.


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