Friday Fives 01.01.2015

NYE 2015
My idea of NYE!


It’s time for another edition of Friday Fives – the first edition of 2016!  Happy New Year, dear readers!

  1. I’m thankful for another year of life.  While turning the calendar to the new year isn’t really remarkable it does remind me that I’ve made it through the past year and am now living in the next.
  2. While I don’t like cold weather I am thankful for the joy and comfort of winter things.  Sweaters and sweats, fuzzy socks, soups, stew, and chili, and lots of warm beverages.  And fireplaces.
  3. I’m thankful for progress on a long put off project.  I started today sifting through a box of papers to be sorted, filed and/or shredded.  Now that I’ve started it and seen a feeling of accomplishment it doesn’t seem so intimidating and dreaded.
  4. I’m thankful for family and friends and time spent in each other’s company.
  5. I’m thankful for words.  Words to read and words to write. Words that bring pictures to my mind. Words to share.

One thought on “Friday Fives 01.01.2015

  1. I love that last one–words to read, words to write–what joy they both bring to so many of us. We spent a quiet NYE here with Mom and Dad, and have been super busy today wrapping up all the chores since I leave for Mississippi in a few more hours. Happy New Year!

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