Wednesday 11/11/2015


I don’t think I ever thanked my father for his military service.  It just never occurred to me to do so; Daddy’s military years were just a fact of our lives.  Even after he retired there was no big emphasis on the twenty plus years he served in the Air Force.  I’m proud of that service now and I’m thankful that while he served our country that I was exposed to the military way of life.

As a child I was fascinated with his crisp khaki military uniform with its insignia; the winter dress blues were even more impressive.  I still like to see a man in uniform – even if those khaki uniforms and blue caps are long gone. Many times while on base I walked along beside him and always felt a thrill when he would offer up a snappy salute to a passing comrade.  He also stood at attention at football games when the National Anthem played!  And, there was that added benefit of being a military dependent:  I can tell time in military hours.

So, today on this Veterans Day I say thank you to my father and to all veterans who served their country.  God Bless You!

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