Friday Fives 08.28.2015

(If you are new to this blog Friday Fives is a feature I do from time to time.  Go to Friday Fives 05.08.2015 to read about the origin of these posts)

This Friday night I am thankful for these things:

  1. August is drawing to a close.  The waiting is over and Labor Day will soon be here followed by football, pumpkins, chrysanthemums and cooler weather.
  2. The sunrises and sunsets I’ve watched in my rearview mirror.  It gives another perspective to the start or end of the day.  This morning the early morning sun was reflecting in the shiny black Suburban in front of me as I crept along in rush hour traffic.  The perfect mirror image of my car and the hundreds behind me snaking along the freeway was illuminated by the sun reaching up into the sky that still held that early morning deep blue shade.
  3. The loving looks on my dogs faces.  Everyone needs a little love sometimes and these pups share theirs with me all the time.
  4. A change in the weather that knocked down the humidity.  How nice to walk out tonight and instead of suffocating heat it only felt slightly warm.
  5. And, I am thankful for this Friday night that leads into the weekend.  It’s been a wacky week at work. I am thankful for a little down time and a weekend of simple chores.

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