The Pit – and beyond

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The saga of The Pit continues.  While this may bore some I feel compelled to share this little adventure simply because I like stories and I like sharing them through words. And, if you’ve ever been through this you will appreciate this little tale.  Through it all I find a great sense of calm and some humor, too.

The broken, root filled pipe has been replaced.  I won’t show a picture, but the pipe was crammed with roots. A final check of the pipe involved running a camera through the roof pipes which revealed another leak.  My first reaction was I’m not fixing it, I’ve already spent a fortune, I’ve got to go back to work to pay for it and I’m just not doing it. The technician told me that I probably had several years before it presented a problem; I had the thought that I would make sure I was “outta here” by then.

However, while drinking coffee on the deck this morning and contemplating the status of this project I had the wisdom filled thought that I should at least get an estimate on the repair.  As long as I have the pit dug it might a good idea to fix the other leak. So, while it will cost more money tomorrow the excavation crew is coming back to extend the tunnel 5-feet under my house.  Five feet of tunnel and a hurricane is heading right toward my house. Plumbing company assured me it wouldn’t be a problem.


Meanwhile, inside the house things are going very well.  Molding wood floor, entry way tile, and lovely 1970’s bright yellow vinyl bathroom flooring has been removed.  The 5 fans who were guests in the hallway departed this morning, much to the cats’ delight. Poor Fat-Shadow was terrified and had not left my bedroom for 48 hours.  She’s still freaked out by the bare floors.


It’s ugly, but still a relief to see some progress.  However, the restoration assessment manager has determined that all the wood floors will have to be removed as it is one continuous floor.  The bathroom will have to be completely redone as water had seeped into the baseboards and under the lovely vinyl.  While I look forward to having the project completed and a new modern bathroom will be enjoyed I do know what is involved.  So, into the pit and beyond.  This, too, shall pass.


The Pit – everyone wants one

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This is my front porch. No, it’s not common to have a 7-foot pit on your front porch.  Just when I thought life was crazy enough the HVAC drain pipe decided to start leaking.  In the house, under the unit, into the wood floor and beyond.  So now I’m dealing with plumbers, insurance claim prossesors, and a clean up contractor.  Lovely.

On the funny side I’ve had one family member suggest that I try to sell the pit as a burial plot and another one suggested that rather than fill it back in I fill it with water and let the dogs swim in it.  My son told me to enjoy the tunnel under the house.  You know, when things like this happen I just have to laugh.