Right on time

Week before last I headed east for my annual trip to the excellent dog show in Jackson, Mississippi.  After a long day of driving I had been thinking that I was going to get to Jackson much later than I had planned.  Actually, I was right on time to see a lovely sunset over the Mississippi River in Vicksburg.  And, for a bonus, a river barge being pushed down the river slid by while I was making pictures.  I wasn’t late at all!




Thanksgiving and contentment

I love the sky and the canopy it forms over me, no matter what the weather.  After several beautiful cloudless days the skies became overcast overnight.  Today was grey and warm, not at all like Thanksgiving should be. The boys and I were on the last leg of our evening walk when I realized that the grey skies had parted to reveal a beautiful sunset.  Through the trees and around the houses I could see a bright pink, medium orange, and a hint of yellow sunset accented by the grey clouds caught in the display.

It only lasted a few minutes and then the clouds closed back over the western sky. As I watched I realized how much I have to be thankful for, nothing specific.  I just knew that the things I complain about are really petty and that, in spite of various concerns, I have plenty.  And, there is contentment in that!

The sun’s gift

(this is a lousy photo, but use your imagination please)

Bentley and I drove home from Jackson heading into the hot afternoon sun.  As the afternoon progressed the sun moved to glaring in my eyes.  Bentley was catching the brunt of it in the passenger seat, so I let him crawl across the console and lay somewhat  uncomfortably across my lap. I was relieved when we turned south and the sun shifted to the side.

Then the Master Painter delighted us with a soft, gentle sunset.  Light colors that zigzagged across the sky reminding me of icing drizzled across a cookie. The colors and patterns slowly changed as we drove, a soothing change from the afternoon.  I stopped at the rest stop in Hill County as the sun was setting.  Just below the darkness there was a final glow of layers of brilliant colors.  As I watched them fade I thought that it was almost like the sun said, “ok, you’ve put up with me enough today so I’m giving you one last gorgeous burst of color to enjoy before I let the darkness take over”.

I drove the next 4 hours surrounded with a peaceful feeling, not minding the dark at all, just feeling in touch with the night and the day past.  .


Wednesday 11.03.2015

Sunset in Comfort Texas October 31, 2015

Sunset – the end of the day.  Remember the final words from that lovely song in Fiddler on the Roof?  Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.  Swiftly fly the years. One season following another, Laden with happiness, and tears.  Maybe it isn’t the end of the day; for in the darkness will come the morning of another day.