The Beginning of the Season


I had two motivators this year to put up my Christmas decorations early.  One was that my oldest grandson was available on Tuesday to help me and the other was that, like last year, Thanksgiving would be later in November.  I wanted to avoid the frustration that I had in 2019 when I had to rush into the holidays quickly, trying to decorate and do everything else in fast mode.  It was mid-December before I got the decorations done and I felt short-changed on the time I had to enjoy them.  I wanted an early start this year and a good attitude for the Christmas season.

While it felt strange on Thanksgiving Day to walk through the living room and see the decorations in all their array, on the Friday afterward it was a good feeling.  The lights are plugged in and I’ve already baked 12 dozen cookies.  I’m happy.

I’m enjoying the decorations because I know they only come out once a year and then for just a few weeks.  They will be packed away, the house will look empty, and in 8 weeks it will be Ash Wednesday (February 17th) and Lent.

5 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Season

  1. You are indeed ambitious this year. I am still working on cleaning house; not sure where the decorations are yet. Since last year was the first time I had been at home here for Christmas in years, I “intended” to decorate, but never did. We will see how it goes this year. 🙂

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  2. Any time there is help to put up the Christmas decorations, it would be just foolish not to take advantage of it! The season is over too fast. I wish people would leave them up until New Year’s Day, but here, there are a number who take them down Dec 26th. I used to think it was too early for this or that, but now if I’m ready, I do it – as the occasion, whatever it is, arrives more quickly than I thought it would. Enjoy the decorations and the season!

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  3. How nice to have your house in holiday mode so soon. Always makes a person feel better. My daughter always decorates her house the day after Thanksgiving, but I generally decorate around mid-December. The reds and greens always make everything more beautiful.

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  4. Absolutely! I’ve never had Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, but this year the youngest and middle were available to do their thing, so that’s what we did! And I really love it! It seems like this year needs as much cheer as we can muster!

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  5. I’m obviously very late reading this post. I never did get very many Christmas decorations up this year – though it made it easy to put things away a few days ago. Happy New Year!


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