Fall color

December afternoon walk


This past weekend was Dog Days at the Botanical Garden, so Sunday afternoon Blossom and I headed down there to enjoy an afternoon walk.  I’m always amazed at how different the garden looks in each season.  Although the scene is familiar each season seems to give it it’s own touch.


The afternoon sun picked up the colors of leaves that had fallen on the trail and gave a boost to leaves still on the trees. The angle of the sun gave natural highlighting to everything!



As we walked along I think the thing that captured my attention was the effect of the light. The shadows of branches created endless patterns that fascinated me.  Almost like stained glass, aren’t they?


I had had to convince myself to get in the car and go, although I love the garden and being able to take one of the dogs to walk there.  Chores and Christmas preparations called to me, but I knew I had to go.  And, I was glad I gave myself that little push.  It was a peaceful afternoon walk that I needed.  I found myself thinking that I should make a Sunday visit to the garden a habit!


And how did Miss Blossom do on her walk?  Well, she growled at everyone and everything, barked a few times, and wasn’t sure what to do about the other dogs.  She also wasn’t too keen on posing for me, but she obliged.  But she did enjoy the walk, wagging her tail the whole time!



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